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Chloe Rhiannon
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United Kingdom
Picture: Me.
Icon: Me.

Hey guys, my name is ChloeRhiannonX. A lot of people around here know me as Chloe Rhiannon, but Chloe is just fine :D
I am a 19 year old fangirl and aspiring author.
I take a lot of pictures and try to write a lot of Fanfiction.
I do have the wackiest imagination and people often question my sanity.
I have a lot to say about myself, but ya'll would not be interested in reading it XD
So, for now....FAIR DE WELL!

My fandoms include: Harry Potter. Percy Jackson. Heroes of Olympus. Glee. Gone series. The Mortal Instruments. The Infernal Devices. The Hunger Games. Divergent. Chaos Walking. Fallen. Hush, Hush. The Demon Trappers series. The Maze Runner.

My dysfuntional family:
:iconificantflyletmesing: Maddi :heart: My best Aussie friend.
:iconthe-irish-clover: Rory :heart: Total sweetheart.
:iconmagnusbaneisepic: Andy 'Magnus' :heart: The sweet and onnocent one.
:iconkennysorangeparka: Hazelle :heart: Her drawings (and Drawsomethings) kick ASS!
:icondiamondcandies: Bec :heart: :highfive:
:iconklaineluneville: Shayla :heart: She left us but we love her.
:iconparasoph: Soph :heart: Tried to push me off a cliff. Literally.
:iconsynthemum: Katie :heart: I'm stealing her dogs.
:iconkemilc23: Kemi :heart: Words don't describe Kemi.
:icondesireatgunpoint: Lila :heart: Living proof that bad things can bring good people together. <--My second dA account!! (A back up for emergencies)

YouTube-… -ChloeRhiannonX… -Chloeiam13… -TDIPrincessLexi
Draw Something-

Basically, I'm just a teenage girl who likes to sit in her bedroom in front of her laptop/computer all day.
:peace: & :pills:
  • Mood: Tired
It's that time again where I write a journal to update you guys on my life because I think you care!!
You probably don't....
But I found that I reall like keeping journals. They are really useful to me because I can pick any day in 2012 and know exactly what I was doing that day!

It also just came in handy because I got a letter from Specsavers this morning saying it's been 2 years since my last eye exam, and I was like 'What? I had one last year!' But a quick skim through my journals found that it's actually been two years (well almost, it'll be 2 years on Thursday if you care) since my last eye exam! For some reason I thought I got my glasses in 2012 and my last appointment was 2014...BUT it turns out I got my glasses in 2011! So I'm due an eye exam...
I just booked my appointment with Tesco! Sorry Specsavers....but it's £15 for an eye exam in Specsavers and it's free at Tesco! 
So I get to go have a check up on May 1st....I'm sure my eyes are fine. I haven't actually needed my glasses in over 2 years now, so I think that's a good sign! I did lie and tell the optician that I still wore them last time I saw him...oops. But anyways. 

They have now changed my shifts in work, so I work 9 - 5.30 Mon - Fri and 11 - 5 every other Saturday. 
I worked yesterday and I'm working next Saturday, but then I'm off for 2 Saturdays so I'm excited :D 

I am finding this new schedule very tiring. It drains me so I don't really want to do anything else except eat and sleep when I come home.... 

My sleeping pattern has been disturbed this week, however, because I GOT A NEW MATTRESS! 
It can take up to 40 days for your body to adjust to a new far I've had it three nights and it's been horrible. It's a comfy mattress, waaaay better than my last one, but it just feels so strange without the springs digging into me all night. 
I know it sounds impossible for my already shitty sleep schedule to get worse, but it did. Once I adjust to it, I am hoping it's gonna fix some of my sleep problems. 
Currently, I am going to bed at 10pm and waking up at 7.30, but I also wake up every 2 hours in between that. 

It's not helped by the fact that I have a current medical problem....
To put it politely, there's something fucked up going on in my bowels. It leaves me doubled over in agony unable to move for at least half hour at a time.
It comes and it goes, and I know how to relieve the pain when it sets on now (paracetamol doesn't have any effect), but at first I thought I was actually dying. Or about to give birth. Or something as equally as unlikely. It was horrible.

Camp NaNo has been a bit of a fail for me again this year. 
I just haven't had the time or mindset to do it quite yet. 
I dropped from 25K to 10K a few days ago, and I've still only got like 3.5K written. 

Willow and Giz are fine. 
We moved Willow back to her old cage because she was biting the bars on her new cage and it was causing a sore on her nose, so now she's in the plastic one where she can't make it worse. We may move her back to the barred cage in a few weeks/months times, just because it's so much bigger and better for her, if only she'd stop chewing the damn bars. 
Gizzy still hasn't eaten her, so I call that a success. Actually, it was really funny when we moved Willow back to the old cage because the new cage is now on the floor of my bedroom, and the first time Giz noticed she went over to have a nose because she knows it's the hamsters house, and she was looking really confused and bobbing her head around trying to see all corners of it, and then she was looking desperately between me and the cage as if to say 'Chloe! Chloe! She has escaped! The hamster has escaped!' It was so funny. 
At the moment Gizzy is sleeping in my bed. She approves the new mattress and actually sleeps all night on it, 10pm - 7.30am. She knows when I turn the lights off it's time for bed, and as soon as she hears me stirring in the morning she creeps up and the bed and starts eating my arm =_= I'm awake earlier than mam now, who doesn't get up til 7.45, so I've had to take to feeding Giz breakfast. She's a very impatient cat. 

Our fridge and freezer broke last week too, so we're now living out of the mini-fridge, beer fridge and our next-door neighbours second freezer. 
Fun times.

I think that's everything!

:peace: & :pills:
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Hey Brother by Avicii
I've kind of hit a snag in these last couple of days where I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. 
Everything just kind of blurs together and I'm tired all the tie; more than usual!

I keep avoiding my responsibilities. 

Last night I ended up drinking for the first time in 3 years and, honestly, I remember why I stopped. Bad things happen when I drink. 

Bu anyways. I want to try and look up and get stuff done this weekend. 
I'm off today (Friday), Sunday and Monday. Working tomorrow, but it should be pretty quiet so it's okay. 

I 'started' Camp NaNo on Wednesday.....but I hate everything so I'm starting over again. 

Hope you guys have an awesome Easter! I hope to talk to you all soon.

3283-Glee Finale.

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 21, 2015, 2:09 PM
  • Mood: Emotional

3282-Rant Rant Rant

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 17, 2015, 3:23 PM
  • Mood: Cat Fight
  • Listening to: Little Wonders by Rob Thomas
  • Drinking: Pepsi Max

You have my express permission to ignore this journal, I just wanna get it off my chest as much as I can because I feel like I'm going to explode.

Long winded rant that has been building up since September:

So, it's been mentioned a lot of the last few weeks that I'm moving offices at work. It's been stressful at work and I'm very on edge at the best of times these days, but it's getting better now that we're finally (hopefully) moving tomorrow.

Let me set up some back-round info before the rant: the office I work at now is on a main road, one I used to walk past every single day since I was 11 years old to get back and fore to school, then to college, then to the bank, then to the shops, now for work. I know this road. It's exactly a 19 minute walk from my house on roads I also know from walking to and from all of the above stated places.

Now we're moving to bigger offices, which are an extra 40 minute walk down the same road, it's just much further down. Then, at the end of the main road, it does go kind of quiet but there are business blocks everywhere with people around, then to get to the office block we're moving to, you have to go half a mile up a country lane, past a farm, and then you get to the site which is guarded 24/7 by security.

I don't drive. I have no interest in driving, it doesn't appeal to me at all. I am more than happy to make the 1 hour walk to work.

But no, my mother has to make a fuss about it.

'It's in the middle of nowhere'

'You're gonna get r***ed'

'You're gonna get killed'

'This is such an inconvenience because now I'll have to take you'

No she fucking won't take me. My dad will have to take me because she'll be off working herself, while my dad waits for me everyday to make sure I can get to work at the current office which is only down the road before he goes to work himself. When it rains, he takes me to work, if I'm being lazy, he'll take me to work. This doesn't concern her at all.

It's not in the complete middle of nowhere. Yes, the business end of the road is kind of quiet, but there is houses on either side of the business state and people drive past regulalryl. And yes, the country lane would be scary to walk int he dark, but at 1 in the afternoon I'll be perfectly fine. Plus, there is 24/7 security at the end of the country lane, so I'm sure they'll hear my screams if anything happens.

I try my best to explain this to her and she kicks off every time.

So today I get a chance to explain a bit further into going onto the actual site itself because we were discussing who was going to pick me up tomorrow after the move becausemy dad doesn't know exactly where the site is but mam does. So I explained they'd only need to wait for me by the security gates and I'd walk down the site and meet them there, so mam goes off into a full blown question mode. The building we have, you basically turn left at the security box, go up the hill and it's right there, like maybe a ten minutes walk (due to the hill mostly) to get from secutiy to the building.

Mam, obviously, wasn't happy about this.

So I went on to explain that there are security men who patrol the grounds periodically, as well as the 24/7 guards at the gates.

And you know what he answer was?

'I'm not happy about that. We don't know these men they could be anyone'


I can't fucking believe her sometimes....

And of course, her genuine answer to all of these problems she finds: I get a new job.

Never mind the fact that I am happy in a job for the first in my entire life. Never mind the fact that none of these problems she has created in her own head affect me in the slightest. She wants me to get a new job to make her feel happier so obviously that what I must want as well. Her fucking happiness. Never mind me, never mind what I feel and how this is MY. FUCKING. LIFE.

I just can't....I can't believe the shit she comes up with sometimes. I am so fucking angry with her right now.

I understand where she's coming from a little bit, but I have made so many rational arguments and she just won't listen to any of it and I'm just so fucking angry.

3281-I Am A Useless Potato.

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 5, 2015, 4:27 AM
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Little by Little by Osasis
I have no excuse....I just have no idea how to keep up with everything at the same time. 
I hoped that I'd keep more up to date with journals, but hey, here we are again. 

I miss the days where I could write 10 a day and piss everyone off with all my spam :XD: 
I've been- surprise surprise- on a nostalgia kick again these last few days. 
It amazes me how things can change so easily and no one seems to give two thoughts about it. Except me. I give two thoughts about everything and that leaves me crying at 3am about how much I miss the old days. 


Just an update, I guess. 
We're moving offices next week at work. I will rant and rave in a journal in the future about the argument I'm having with my mother about me walking to the new office. I'm pretty confident I've mentioned it before...
But we're finally moving next week, so I'm kinda excited but kind of nervous because I like the office we're at now.
I can't believe I've been at this job for over a year now. Over 13 months now omg. 
The added part of this is that my hours and wages may change once we have settled in after the move. 
As far as I'm aware, they do want me in more hours, but because the office we're in now is so small, we don't have an extra computer. However, at the new office, well have four computers specifically to be used for call answering staff so here's hoping. 
Wages need to go up because I am adamant still that £5.13 an hour is disgusting money. It's minimum wage and I don't blame my boss for it, more the government because it is their fault. But I do the exact same thing as two of my colleagues, if not more because I work longer shifts than both of them, but they both get paid more than I do because they're over 21. Ridiculous. But that's another rant in itself.

Outside of work, I am gearing up for Camp NaNo this April! I have my story kinda planned, kinda not. I have a lot of work to do on it throughout March. 
On the subject of writing, I've kind of got a schedule fixed t the moment. I just finished TDF, epilogue to be posted tomorrow, so I'm going to spend March writing as much of Storm Warning as possible so I can continuously post throughout April despite working on NaNo. 
I don't want to start any new stories to replace TDF right now, though I have got a few plans and other side-stories to update in the meantime. 

Also, there is only 2 weeks until my birthday! 
I will be 20 years old in exactly 2 weeks today. The thought is scary and I hope to make a YT video discussing my fears and hopes sometimes soon, before my birthday. 

Gizzy is very affectionate towards me these days. She always has to be touching me in some way. She'll either be lying on top of me or cwtched into my side. (spot the Welsh word!)
Willow is a little shit. She is now on he third cage and I think this is gonna be the final one. She chews the bars a little bit, but it's not as annoying or as much as she did on the first cage. 
She has, however, learnt how to escape form her ball, so we have to be extra careful to watch her when she's in there. You can usually tell when she's about to escape because she'll go really quiet and then you'll hear her chewing the plastic on the inside of the lid as she pushed it open. 
That little shitbag. 

That's really all that's going on in my life right now. 
I must leave it here as I am going to be late for work if I don't leave like right now :XD:

Hope to talk to you guys soon!
You can always hit me up for a talk!
Please do not except me to talk first or even be good at replying but I promise I do want to talk to all of you!

:peace: & :pills:

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